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Fall 2012- Spring 2013


Virtual Team

Product Design

Medical Device

Systems Testing

Project Management

Product Design of a Medical Device

3M Sponsored Medical Device to Reduce Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss
Project Scope:


Currently 2 of 3 people undergoing chemotherapy treatment experience severe hair loss.  Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy treatment constricts blood vessels in the scalp therefore less blood and chemotherapy can reach the hair follicles.  Preliminary studies of scalp cooling devices show a potential 80-90% reduction in the amount of hair loss (depending upon the type of chemotherapy treatement). 


However there are no FDA approved scalp cooling devices in the United States.  3M sponsored a team of three Smith College students and three Marquette University students to assess the current technology avaialble in europe, assess the US market potential, and to create a demonstration prototype that improves upon current technology.



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